Catherine Spode


Gerry Coleman



CS What does Elite AS stand for, Gerry?

GC Elite Architectural Systems Ltd

CS What is the specialism?

GC We specialise in structural glass balcony and terrace balustrades while also partnering with Lumon for wintergarden glazing which is used on residential developments and care homes.

CS Surely a balcony is a balcony, no more, no less?

GC That is one view Catherine however by including wintergarden glazing on balconies is allows the balconies to be used all year around and not just in fine weather, unfortunately most balconies designed in the London region are redundant for eight months of the year due to the inclement climate we have, Wintergarden glazing is used on developments throughout Scandinavia, Finland Spain and many other European countries and I would like to see our Architects embrace this concept more into the future.

CS So people can sit outside on the balcony even if it is raining?

GC Yes, that is called the “Winter Garden” feature

CS So the top part can close, more or less, but it still feels “outside”

GC Yes, it opens and folds back so you can determine how open or closed your balcony is to the elements however the system is not airtight so when fully closed there is still a 3mm gap between panes of glass, so you get fresh air through all the time.

CS Does that impact on people’s mood – less of that “cooped up” feeling?

GC It does. Care homes in particular benefit from this – Seniors can sit out, and that really uplifts the mood, we have a very good example of a scheme “Grassy Meadows” on our website . On residential developments is allows families to dine eat on the balcony giving the feeling they are outdoors, examples of these are Buccleauch House or South Kilburn.

CS Does it add to the look of the building?

GC We believe this is a quality product which adds to the overall appearance besides of its versatility.

CS Can you tell me about a particular project?

GC Yes, on Buccleuch House we worked with the architects Levitt Bernstein providing full height wintergarden glazing, on Camberwell Green we did privacy screens and metal balustrades while other clients require Juliette balconies, bolt-on balconies cills and flashings.

CS I noticed the project on Camberwell Green in the brochure, the place has never looked so good

GC Yes, the client was pleased with the result.

CS What sort of professionals and businesses do you work with?

GC We work with many architects along with Tier 1 contractors such as Redrow Homes, Berkeley Homes, Hill Partnerships, Higgins Partnerships, London Square to name a few.

CS At what stage do you come in?

GC As early as possible, it gives us the opportunity to bring the quality and experience we have gained over the last 11 years to agree a suitable design in advance while always endeavouring to keep the architects design intent in place.

CS Do the balconies add to the square footage of the unit?

GC No, it does not alter the dimensions of the unit, but it can add to the value.

CS What are the geographical areas you cover?

GC We cover all the UK however our work at the moment is predominately within the M25.

CS Will you be looking to work further afield over the next few years? 

GC Yes, while we see London and the Southeast as our home ground, however the upcoming conurbations – particularly the care home sector – will be good for us and we are always looking for opportunities in these areas.

CS How can clients contact you?

GC They can contact me on, I can send a brochure featuring the projects we have mentioned, and any other relevant information they may require.

CS Thank you, Gerry

GC Thank you Catherine, it was a pleasure speaking with you.