As finance brokers for the Property Development sector, we have a number of parameters to look at in deciding whether to take on an application.

Those parameters, and how the application scores in the areas, will in turn influence the rate – ie the cost of finance to the Developer  - for that application.

In the residential sector, we offer “stretch finance”, which means we arrange the whole finding stack; in a nutshell, the cost of acquiring the site if necessary, the build costs, and the marketing costs.



Track Record of the Team


The first thing I look for when an application comes in is the track record of the CEO and the team.

What are the projects they have completed to date, and were they brought in on time and within budget?

Does the Team fit together?

If this is a first actual Development, is there relevant experience? We do welcome Contractors who can see the green grass on the other side, ie being a Developer themselves.


The Project Itself

Naturally, we start at the end.

We look at the projected Gross Development Value, and check backwards to ensure the estimate is as near to correct as can be.

For residential developments, it is, as ever, location, location, location; where there is work and developing towns, there will be a need for social housing as well as for houses and apartments for people who can realistically apply for a mortgage.

We would expect the applicant to have established the need for the housing type, using comparable prices from the Halifax index, as well as reputable surveyors and valuers.

Applications vary, inasmuch as some Developers already own the site, some need to arrange a JV with the site owner, some will want a substantial amount of the site purchase amount as part of the finance.

We also need to see viable build costs, and a fixed price contract with a reputable Contractor


Onboarding the Applicant


As we progress with the application, we can begin to assess the indicative terms from those of our lenders interested in the size and sector, so we can assist the applicant to factor in the cost of finance reasonably accurately.

Until the actual term sheet comes from the lender, the fine detail will remain to be resolved, and there may need to be some last-minute considerations.


Gold, Silver, or Bronze

Our top clients; those who own valuable sites and who are seasoned developers can enjoy offers of finance for their projects of 3.5%; this is from one of our exclusive lenders and is bespoke, which means that the rate will not vary for the duration of the project.

Those achieving rates in the Silver or Bronze bracket – varying between 5% or 9.5% will know that our policy of assisting clients on their path to success, be that a major player on a national scale, or keeping to the local demographic – will know that by bringing the project in within the time and budget targets set, they are on their way to lower cost of finance as their company progresses up their chosen route.



Reports appear regularly which confirm that journalists are determined to talk us into a recession. One has to bear in mind that journalists have to earn a crust, and that bad news travels twice round the world before good news has time to get out of bed.

There can be no doubt that companies and individuals alike are swallowing rising costs with something of a gulp; rising costs of materials steel in particular, labour, and regulations regarding safety and sustainability will impact on the sector.

All this notwithstanding, there is a continuing need for social and affordable housing, as well as executive homes; our investors, be they pension fund managers or HNW’s, or Family Offices, need to place the funds they have to deploy. Some are currently putting contingency funds in place.


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