We currently have a major new investor on board, and another wanting to start small and move forward to larger projects; this will bring us up to 51 different lending sources, in addition to the usual Challenger banks.

Large Scale Investor

This investor is seeking to support substantial property development projects, in the UK and also overseas.

This investor can offer both debt and equity.


A very wide spectrum of commercial property developments, requiring £50m and above, which can be structured as Senior Debt or equity through a JV.

Geographical Areas

All of the UK and Ireland; Germany, France, Spain and Portugal. Currently involved in projects in Italy and the Scandinavian countries and would welcome more in those areas.

A quote from their brief; “We are also in a more “defensive” frame of mind at the moment given that values are under pressure due to interest rates and cap yield movements that we are starting to see.”

That is their way of putting it; at Catherine Spode and Associates we put it like this; “They cherry pick; they always have, and they always will do; in 2022 and 2023 they will be picking the very best of the cherries”.

Proper Preparation Prevents Declines, as we say.

Smaller scale Investor

We are currently onboarding a new investor, this time for projects in the UK only. The investor is flexible in approach; and – music to our ears and those of our applicants -- they can be fast.

Fast can mean two weeks from application to close – this is usually needed where another lender has pulled out for reasons of their own.

The structure is again flexible, with Senior Debt, mezzanine, bridging and equity using a JV structure.

As always, PPPD for all applicants.


Property Developers and Contractors seeking investment into their new project please contact