The Architecture

Many – not all – of the images of care homes for Seniors in this country are a dismal picture.

Built in the ‘50’s or ‘60’s, there is no car parking space, no garden, no space for family reunions, no recreational facilities.

Ugly facades often disguised with the dreaded pebbledash.

The Statistics

The population over 65 makes up some 22% of the population, due to increase to 25% 0r over in the next decade.

Many will wish to remain in their own homes; for some, a care home in the last years is the only option.

How do families feel?

Most people do not wish to see their elderly relatives in dismal accommodation. They will try to ensure the last years are in attractive and secure surroundings.

The Industry

The Care Home industry is a lucrative one; it is also currently strictly regulated, and, where buildings or level of staff care do not meet the requirements, the regulatory authorities can close the premises with very little notice.

A client told me that he had gone to visit a care home recently on the market; he said that the place was empty, with breakfast having been eaten, but no-one had cleared up; staff had just upped and gone.

Our Fund

We have a specialist fund which can provide funding to bring existing premises in the portfolio up to standard, and also to provide ongoing funding for an acquisition trail, whereby the Care Home owner can expand the portfolio, creating a trusted brand to suit the local demographic.

Call to Care Home Owners

Care Home owners with a good portfolio that they would like to expand, creating an economy of scale and a recognisable brand, please contact