Smaller end journey

Many finance brokers operate within fairly narrow parameters for funding, usually with a minimum and maximum amount. In a large organisation with a familiar range of applicants, this makes sense .

We have access to a very broad spectrum of funds, and can therefore entertain quality applications at both ends of the scale.

For example, at the smaller end, we have an applicant who owns a number of quality sites. His problem is that in his area there is little or no access to development funds. We are helping him to arrange a loan against one of the sites which he has completed with own cash; this will release some £500k in order to complete work on some 15 or so units in another block. Having completed these units, the cashflow will enable him to start work on a brownfield site which will have planning for some 20 houses.

Our client has a very good perspective of becoming a significant developer in an area where he knows the local demographic, where there is a need for one and two  bed units and for family units well situated for a commute to a significant city.

Albeit this is a “bread and butter” deal, we are delighted to be working with him on the journey for him and his company.

Higher End Journey

We are also working with an applicant – a very kind introduction from a London solicitor – with a top end hotel project in one of the Northern European countries. The amount required for this particular project is just short of E100m; it fits the profile of one of our specialist funds. As with the case above, we would see this as a starting point for this client.


Our Range of Funding Products

We can arrange funding for quality projects in the UK, as well as Europe, including Scandinavia, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Spain.



Directors of property companies who wish to discuss funding for their next project, please contact Catherine Spode on