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What Are Your Rates?

As whole of market brokers, our task is to find the best finance package for the particular application.

The rates we can obtain depend on the quality of the application, which factors on:

  • The collateral put up by the developer in terms of cash, or site acquired.
  • The experience of the team, including the contractor.
  • The projected gross development value of the project.

If bridging and/or mezzanine funding are required, the overall cost of borrowing will, of course, increase.

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Property Development Finance Broker in Equity for Property Development Forward Funding and Direct Access to Equity Investors

 Property Development Finance Broker in Equity for Property Development Forward Funding and Direct Access to Equity Investors


How will you avoid shop soiling my application?

Part of our application process is to present the application in redacted form only; no names of applicants, no site details. Only when the lending source has shown interest do they receive the full details of the project.

If one lending source fails – and this does happen – we can proceed again on the redacted basis.


Approaching multiple sources of finance – does this help?

Applicants are often tempted to approach multiple banks and lenders to try to  engineer the best rates for the project. However, the simple fact is that many of the organisations communicate, and such multiple applications can work against the applicant.

As brokers we need to have a complete record of which organisations have been approached, as it does not help us to help the applicant if there is failure to disclose. This is part of our Terms and Conditions, and our key to success in negotiating the terms of the finance.


Can we arrange a conference call with your investors?

Our equity investor base is our intellectual property. We know their parameters in selecting projects to invest in, and we will make the right introductions.

Equity investors want to be presented with complete cases, they do not deal with initial enquiries – that is our role.

It may be that negotiations with an investor who shows initial interest does not proceed; in such a case, we would bring forward another investor who has shown initial interest


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The Small Print

In today’s market place, senior debt rates may vary between 6% and 8%.

In a choice between 6.5% and 7%, the conditions in the small print come into play.

A block of additional interest in the event of an overrun can make all the difference.

Conversely, no early repayment penalty in the event of early completion could be a deciding factor in selecting the senior debt provider.

Our role is to point out the implications of these clauses, and assist you, the developer, to obtain the best deal available.